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GK82 2.4G/wired monochrome mechanical keyboard

1. Support 6 kinds of LED lighting effects:     Constantly bright, horizontal streamer, longitudinal streamer, gradually bright horse, with the light, no light2. Support full key without punch.3. Wired mode USB working voltage: +5V±5%, using maximum current: 100mA4.2.4G mode lithium battery working voltage 3.7V-1300MAH, using maximum current: 80MA5. In the wireless mode, the light is fully lit. The use time is: 50 hours (interval use); when the light is turned off, the use time is: 500 hours (interval use)6. When the power switch is turned on, when the power is turned on, the blue light is turned on and off, indicating that the power is turned on.7.2.4G mode pairing: press ESC+ at the same time for 3 seconds to start the pair code (low power blue indicator light is always on), 10 seconds to insert into the receiver, if the code is successful, the blue light is off; if the code fails, the code fails. After 10 seconds, the keyboard exits the code mode and the LED goes out.8.2.4G mode, when the keyboard has no button press, 1-2 minutes, automatically enter the sleep mode, you can wake up with any button.9. Wired mode: When the data cable is connected to the computer, it automatically switches to the wired mode state.

Dimension: 350.16mm (L) * 133.63mm (W) * 36.92mm (H)