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CK73 RGB Mechanical Game Keyboard

1. Support 12 kinds of super dazzling lighting effects.Wave mode, single point mode, neon mode, cross mode, aurora mode, heat map mode, ripple mode,Breathing mode, horse racing mode, starry mode, static mode, radar mode.
2. Support FN+ESC reset function, restore to "wave mode" default light.
3. Support FN+PS front light off/on backlight function.
4. Support EN+"--" front individual mode direction adiustment.
5. Support FN+SCR LK front individual mode stop or start adjustment.
6. Support Scr Lock, Caps Lock, Win Lock independent light indication.
7.Key life: 50 million times
8.Working voltage: +5V±5%
9.Maximum current used: 500mA
10.Weight: 734g ± 10g
11.Size: 382x158x36mm
System Requirements:WINDOWS XP/WIN7/WIN8/WIN10 MAC or compatible computer