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CK74 Monochrome Optical Axis Mechanical Keyboard


Product size (Dimension): 463.27mm(L)* 157.51mm(W)* 36.26mm(H)
Body weight: 922± 20g with wire
Operating life: 50,000,000times (times)
Cable length: total length 1.80M (exposed 1.60M), φ4.5mm, five-core shielded magnetic ring PVC sheathed wire
Working voltage: +5V±5%
Use maximum current: 300mA
Connection with computer: wired
Ergonomics: Support
Body color: black
Keyboard type: high keycap ladder design
Number of word keys: 104 keys, using dual-color keycap technology
Support full key without punch
Domestic mechanical switch, durable, transparent cover, wide range of luminous diffusion
Hand rest with decorative RGB light